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Time Suck

Wow! Where the hell did January go?  I swear Christmas was just last week.  At least that’s the way it feels.  I’m looking back and tallying my accomplishments for the month of January.  I did most of my organizing and digging out receipts.  I kept busy with my day job but that’s nothing that I don’t already do every week.  I did a lot of mom-type things but again, nothing new.  I wrote but, I don’t think I got enough words down.  I got on the treadmill  a few times, but again, not enough.  And as much as I regret the whole ‘not enough’ thing it’s not going to put words in my current story or help me increase my physical fitness.  And I didn’t blog any at all.  That was a total failure.

So all I can do is buckle down and try harder in February.  So back to the keyboard I go. 🙂


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