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We had a great Christmas in the “Hawthorn” household.  Anytime my kids are happy, I’m happy.  I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas and or whatever holiday you celebrate as we did. I love that there is a variety to pick from. Don’t you? And when new love brings together a combination and new traditions are born?  It just makes me all warm and fuzzy.




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The winner for my stop on the Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop is Kym!  Thank you so very much to everyone who stopped by.  And I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with lots of love, health and good fortune.

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Holiday Gifts of Love Hop

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Thank you for stopping by the blog hop. My friend Stacy will be stopping by to share her famous fudge recipe in a few minutes. I promise you, it’s to die for.

“Knock knock.”

“Dillon? Come on in. It’s great to see you, but I was expecting Stacy.”

Watching Dillon Ross walk through the door and remove his old leather coat was a sight any woman would swoon over.

“How are you? I thought Stacy was dropping off her fudge recipe.”

“She was but she and her friend Lisa are enjoying an early Christmas present from me.  Today was the only day the spa could work them in for the full treatment.  She showed me her dimples and the next thing I know, I’m covering for her.”

“I’m sure she’s earned the spa day.  Be sure to tell her I said hi.”

“I will, but here’s the problem. The fudge recipe is probably in Stacy’s purse at the spa so the only Christmas recipe I have to share is my mom’s snow cream. Will that be okay?”

“Of course.”

“Okay. Well, this is the way we’ve always made it in my family. Mom always said that it’s best to use the winter’s second snow. The first snow washes away the air pollution. Take the largest mixing bowl you can find and your biggest spoon. This is essential. Once you start eating it, you can’t stop, so more is better.

And probably the most important step of all is to have a person who you love, with all your heart, help.  No matter how big your bowl is, it won’t taste the same unless you share it with someone special.”

*clears throat* Was the always in control Dillon blushing?

“Ahem.  Anyways. Bundle up, head out into the cold and find the purest snow you can find.  PILE it into the bowl.

When it’s full, take a break and make a snowball or snow angel, the choice is yours. Or my personal favorite? Dunk Stacy in the snow until she squeals like a girl. That one never gets old. But then it’s time to head in and get warmed up.

And for goodness sake, remember to leave your boots on the rug beside the door! Or else.

Once you get into the kitchen, get out the vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk. Regular milk and powdered sugar will work in a pinch.


Add a teaspoon of the vanilla and about a ½ of the can of milk to start ( or about ¾ cup regular milk and a couple tablespoons sugar).  Mix well.  Add more milk/vanilla to taste.  *The measurements may vary greatly depending on the size of your bowl and the depth of your snow piling skills.

Share a sample with your loved one and watch them sigh with pleasure. That’s my favorite part.  And feel free to experiment. We’ve added miniature chocolate chips and crushed candy canes in the past.  Or drizzle with caramel syrup.  I’m partial to the chocolate and peppermint myself while Stacy prefers caramel and chocolate syrup.

A.J., Stacy and I hope that you and your readers have a very, Merry Christmas and that the new year brings you good luck, blessings and most important of all, love.”

And watching Dillon stretch his arms to pull on that old leather coat and turn to leave is every bit as sexy as seeing him enter. Don’t tell Stacy I said that, okay? 😉

Dillon’s Gift is waiting directly behind these links

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For my stop on the blog hop I am giving away a 15$ gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  The winner chooses.  All you have to do is tell me before 2:59 a.m est December 18th how Stacy likes her snow cream.  That’s it.  I’ll announce my winner Tuesday, the 18th.

Follow the link for more stops on the blog hop and see what everyone else is up to at each stop.

Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop

Merry Christmas!!

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