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I’m going to be published.  I’m going to be published.  I’m going to be published.  I could go on and on in a sing song voice until yours ears start bleeding.  (there’s a reason I write and am not a musician)

No matter, the excitement is still there.  I’ve hesitated posting an announcement for almost two weeks now.  And, as badly as I have wanted to share the news with the world that I am going to published, I can’t help but feel like there must be a trick somewhere.  Why, I don’t know.  I have faith that my new publisher knows what they are doing.  I know that I can write.  No, I’m not the greatest author to ever walk the planet, but I can string a sentence or two together.

In early December Dillon’s Gift will be released by Decadent Publishing.  It’s a Christmas novella that’s a little bit sexy, a little bit sweet and a lot of fun.  I’m excited to share it with everyone.

Even as I begin to plan promo and take a hard look at which project to tackle next the doubts still plague me, vicious little nasties that they are.  I know myself well and there will always be a few of the creepy crawlies lurking in my psyche.

But I am stronger than they are.  I have a couple of mighty weapons on my side.  I have my imagination and I have the knowledge that I CAN write.  If need be I can create a juggernaut to stomp them into mush or a doubt-critter-targeting laser gun to vaporize them when they threaten.

Those little critters ain’t got nothing on me.  (How’s that grammar for a debut author, lol)


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