Quickie update

I have two quickie updates and both are great news. The first piece of news makes me ridiculously happy. Sunlight’s Kiss, the second book in the Demon Runners of Unearth has been scheduled for release sometime near May. This paranormal romance series is close to my heart I love sharing these books. I’m so excited to get Cyril and Calysta’s story out there for everyone to read. Favorite characters from Azrael’s Light make an appearance and you’ll meet some new characters, some yummy and some not-so yummy. I’ll share updates as they come, I promise.

And for the second update- on Monday I’ll be participating in the Kiss Me I’m Irish blog hop. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with great books and prizes? I hope you’ll consider stopping by to check out the fun. I know I’m looking forward to it.



Releasing July 4th from Siren

I’m here at the wonderful Lori Foster’s annual Reader Author Get Together. I’m a newbie this year and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have already met so many wonderful people. For a few years now I have heard people talk about what a nice event this is each year and so far, I have not been the least bit disappointed. Everywhere you look there are smiling faces and people talking about one our favorite topics. Books! 

There’s just something unique about being able to talk to someone who also understands the importance great books and romance plays in our lives. And no doubt, there are wonderful, friendly readers everywhere you look here.